Essential destinations close to Barcelona

The city and regions of Barcelona welcome you with a plenty of options to enjoy your stay. But if you don't know where to start, discover a selection of infallible plans to ensure a perfect getaway.

Cardona and the Salt Mountain

A town overlooked by a medieval castle and a salt deposit that formed 40 million years ago and exploited since Roman times.

Human towers, the Patum of Berga and the Fia-Faia festival

Human towers, the Patum of Berga and the Fia-Faia festival are unique traditions that have been listed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Barcelona-Catalonia circuit

Close to the city of Barcelona and a short distance from the coast, this is the venue for Grand Prix motor and motorcycle racing events.

The Llobregat Industrial Colonies

Factories and churches, workers' cottages and manor houses, schools and theatres, streets and gardens, bear witness to our industrial past along the river.

Güell Colony Crypt by Gaudí

An emblematic work by Antoni Gaudí, declared a World Heritage Site, built in a remaI4:I11rkable nineteenth-century industrial colony.

Wine tourism

Five Denominations of Origin (DO) wine producing regions: Penedès, Alella, Pla de Bages, Catalunya and Cava, which offer unique wine tasting tourism experiences.

European Balloon Festival

The European Balloon Festival is a unique festival where you can enjoy the amazing sight of 50 hot air balloons in the sky and take part in fun activities for all the family.


The trading and cultural nature of the city, shaped over time, is represented by the Porxada, built in the 16th century. 

La Roca Village

Rediscover the world’s most exciting brands in a beautiful open-air setting, just 40 minutes from Barcelona, with remarkable savings prices.

Pedraforca Massif

A massif that is the symbol of the Pyrenees in a natural setting that is ideal for mountain sports.

Món Sant Benet

Close to Manresa, a city rich in culture and heritage, lies a thousand-year-old monastery that is the centre of a unique project on art, nature and gastronomy.

The Monastery of Sant Cugat

The monastery is one of the finest examples of medieval art in Catalonia, with a magnificent cloister.


Shrine, monastery and mountain. One of Catalonia's cultural hubs: history, spirituality and a unique landscape.

Natural Parks

Twelve natural parks and areas that account for almost a quarter of the region's of Barcelona territory: nature, scenery, conservation and culture.

Costa Barcelona beaches

Costa Barcelona gives you more than a hundred kilometres of quality beaches featuring all the services you would expect and good road and rail links to the city

Rupit, Tavertet and the Sau Valley

Medieval villages with cobble streets and stone houses, and a plateau offering spectacular views, thick forests and water aplenty.


Between the Mediterranean and Garraf Park, it offers 300 days of sunshine a year, 17 beaches, art, culture and cuisine, all just half an hour from Barcelona.

Terrassa and Art Nouveau

An important centre during the Industrial Revolution, it conserves a rich Art Nouveau architectural heritage, Romanesque churches and a variety of cultural activities.


One of Catalonia's oldest cities, with a rich heritage and a market that started in the Middle Ages, located between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees.

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