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<p>Old shops in Calaf</p>

Do you like old shops? Those where everything is designed to display the products and make them stand out. Those where, wherever you look, you find giant mirrors, columns, staircases, giant cash registers and hidden details that transport you to another era. Many towns and cities have made an effort to keep the shops as they were, without modernising them unnecessarily. You can find examples just walking around, but there are places where these shops have become their own identity feature. Do you know where they are? 

<p>Espais Naturals del Delta del Llobregat</p>

Arribes al divendres sense temps per planejar el cap de setmana? Potser et ve de gust canviar d’aires sense empassar-te les cues de l'autopista. Doncs molt més a prop del que et penses tens moltes opcions per gaudir de la cultura i la natura de forma respectuosa i sostenible. Segurament ja coneixes el segell de turisme sostenible Biosphere; el que potser encara no has descobert són aquests llocs que et faran gaudir de moments inoblidables. Els descobrim?

<p>El Masnou beach</p>

In your opinion, what is the greatest thing about Maresme? Summer? Its many sunny days and good weather all year round? Its bright blue skies? That there is no need to choose between the sea and the mountains? There are many reasons to come and visit Maresme... Today we add another one: The Maresme region boasts a hundred companies certified with the Biosphere sustainability label. This involves people working to improve products and services and minimise the impact on nature and the environment. Below you will find some of these 100 plans for you to choose from this summer. Read on, as they will surprise you!

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