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<p>Gaudí Crypt. Santa Coloma de Cervelló</p>

Industrial buildings, crypts, wineries, gardens... The imagination of the architect Antoni Gaudí knew no bounds and he applied it to any challenge he was given, always in his unmistakable signature style. A century later, we have the good fortune to enjoy several sites in the Barcelona area beyond the capital city. Let’s go on a tour of the works by this genius. Are you ready?

<p>Boixadors Castle, in Sant Pere Sallavinera</p>

Over 45 castles, 25 of which are open to the general public, are the jewels of mediaeval heritage in the region of Anoia. Some are easy to get to, while others are more isolated, but they all hold plenty of historical and cultural interest. Do you already know the most famous ones?

<p>Old shops in Calaf</p>

Do you like old shops? Those where everything is designed to display the products and make them stand out. Those where, wherever you look, you find giant mirrors, columns, staircases, giant cash registers and hidden details that transport you to another era. Many towns and cities have made an effort to keep the shops as they were, without modernising them unnecessarily. You can find examples just walking around, but there are places where these shops have become their own identity feature. Do you know where they are? 

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