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Discover a spectacular heritage while strolling around villages and towns in Barcelona's regions. Participate in traditional festivals and let museums nourish your sensibility.

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<p>Natural Areas of the Llobregat Delta</p>

Do you find that when Friday comes around, you’ve had no time to plan the weekend? Maybe you fancy a change of scenery without getting stuck in motorway traffic. Well, it so happens that you have all sorts of options for enjoying culture and nature respectfully and sustainably, and they’re much closer than you might think. You’re probably already familiar with the sustainable tourism label Biosphere, but you may not yet know about the places we describe below, which are certified as sustainable. They’ll provide you with some unforgettable moments, so let’s discover them!


Which Barcelona do you know? The beaches of Maresme, Montserrat, Montseny or Sitges are some of the jewels you should visit if you come to Barcelona this summer. Set aside a couple of days to discover a unique region with a cultural, natural and culinary heritage that will surprise you.

<p>Monestir de l'Estany</p>

Tenen un patrimoni sorprenent, estan ubicats en un entorn que deixa sense alè o parlen de la història del nostre país. Aquests deu nuclis que trobaràs a continuació són deu dels pobles imprescindibles que has de visitar a les comarques de Barcelona. T’enamoraran pel seu llegat patrimonial i natural i et faran descobrir racons que probablement desconeixies. Som-hi?

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