Gaudeix d'experiències úniques i relaxants a les comarques de Barcelona

Trobar el benestar de cos i ment és essencial per sentir-te bé. Necessites propostes per aconseguir-ho?

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European Park Day

24 May is European Park Day. Free activities, guided routes, festive early-morning activities, children’s workshops, photography c...

Gastronomy and wine tourism

The wineries of the Penedès Wine Route are keen to welcome you at this most eagerly awaited time of year. Enjoy a special day out ...

Bages Wine Harvest Festival
Gastronomy and wine tourism

The streets of the old quarter of Artés are transformed into an outdoor stage that celebrates the winegrowing culture of the Bages...

Benestar a la natura

Banys de bosc - ioga a la natura - passejades - paddle surf
A water crossroads

Baix Llobregat is an ideal region for water lovers, since it's difficult to find a corner where you can't hear the flow of a river or the waves of the sea. In the triangle formed by the towns of Collbató, Castelldefels and El Prat you can explore caves, pools, wetlands and beaches of great natural value, along with plenty of elements of historical and cultural interest, such as mines, textile colonies, wells and locks. You're sure to be surprised by some of the main tourist attractions of the area. 


Ioga i meditació

Meditació - Ioga - Mindfulness - Consciència plena
The magic mountain

If you’re looking for somewhere with beautiful mountain scenery near Barcelona, look no further than the amazing Montseny Natural Park. Listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and located on the Costa Barcelona, this massif has been a hiking school for many Catalans, a place where plenty of hikers have donned a backpack for the first time. However, as well as being an area where you can go on long hikes or short walks, Montseny offers an endless list of fun options.


Aigües termals i balnearis

Aigües termals - spa - massatges - benestar a l'aigua
Enjoy every moment

The climate is varied enough in the regions of Barcelona for you to enjoy each season to the full. Despite being strongly associated with sun and sand tourism, this Catalan province is also an ideal destination for winter, autumn and spring holidays, with plenty of interesting activities available outside high season. Here are some ideas for sustainable breaks you can enjoy throughout the year.


Territoris amb ànima

Espiritualitat - Peregrinacions 

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