The Festa Major (Main Town Festival) of Whites and Blues

Festa Major (Main Town Festival) of Whites and Blues

For its Festa Major (Main Town Festival), Granollers is split into two colours: white and blue. The two groups compete with each other to organise the most entertaining activities: the tile-making contest, the “blue night”, white and blue fun... How about you? Which colour will you choose?

The Festa Major (Main Town Festival) of the Whites and Blues in Granollers is one of the most competitive and participatory festivals in Catalonia. For ten days, the city is split into these two colours. The two groups organise more than 100 activities, which include competitive games, such as the traditional tile-passing contest, the tug-of-war or the tile-making contest, not to mention correfocs (which involves people dressed as devils running through the streets and letting off fireworks), correaigües (water games), traditional dances and human tower-building. The winner is declared on the last day: a jury decides whether Granollers is white or blue.


24/08/2024 - 01/09/2024





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