Candlemas Fair

Candlemas Fair in Molins de Reis

Molins de Rei keeps alive the Candlemas Fair, which has been held for over 150 years. It’s an open-air fair with a packed schedule of activities.

Molins de Rei has kept the Candlemas Fair alive by combining tradition and modernity. Although it was originally an agricultural fair, nowadays it showcases various economic sectors, such as the food and automotive industries, along with artisanry. This great fair, held on the first weekend in February, owes its name to a well-known local saying in Molins: “Tant si la Candelera plora, com si riu, a Molins de Rei, veniu!” (“Whether Candlemas cries or laughs, come to Molins de Rei!”)


03/02/2023 - 05/02/2023


Molins de Rei



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