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<p>Cycling tourists in the Penedès region</p>

There are many road cycling enthusiasts who get together with other cycling lovers during the week or at weekends in search of new routes to have a great time. In the regions of Barcelona, there is a wide range of tours that will certainly not leave you indifferent, and you will be able to discover places you did not even know they existed.

<p>Montserrat Abbey</p>

Very close to Barcelona, there are hidden villages, towns, routes and landscapes which, once you visit them, you cannot help but think about going back to or recommending them to anyone you know for them to enjoy a great one- or two-day getaway. Which one do you choose?

<p>Igualada Leather Museum</p>

Catalonia features a long tradition in the creation of handmade works. In our industrialised times full of assembly lines, preserving the intangible heritage of old trades and crafts and being able to discover how things were made in the past is a unique and priceless opportunity. Hide, paper, leather, wood, ceramics, tiles... Take a tour of the regions of Barcelona and see for yourself the techniques used to create products that were used on a daily basis.

<p>Tourism Circle Meeting 2020</p>

The Tourism Circle works together with businesspeople and destinations in the regions of Barcelona in order to carry out effective, coordinated tourism marketing actions. Its goal is to generate tourism business, employment and sustainable economic development as efficiently as possible. To achieve this goal, the Tourism Circle focuses on three core strategies: sharing knowledge, fostering the relationship between businesspeople and destinations, and carrying out promotional actions.

<p>Cemetery of Vilanova i la Geltrú  </p>

Unlike in the rest of the Europe, visiting cemeteries is not a popular tourist pursuit in the regions of Barcelona, which is a shame because the ones in this area contain tombs, vaults and mausoleums that are authentic gems. Not convinced? Take a morning to marvel at the rich artistic, historical, cultural and social heritage of these veritable open-air museums.

<p>Time to eat mushrooms</p>

Throughout the year, the diversity of the regions of Barcelona's landscapes offers a world of possibilities for enjoying gastronomic pleasures. In autumn, though, the range of food available in the province's markets is even richer, and its dishes are full of the delicious and stunning flavours that characterise Catalonian cuisine. With the pantry full of seasonal produce, you will be grateful for the arrival of the cold!

Showing 49 - 54 of 110 results.


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