Ratafia Fair

16/11/2019 Igualada

Ratafia is one of the most popular liquors in Catalan-speaking areas; it is basically made from green walnuts, fruits, aromatic herbs and spices which are all macerated in aiguardent, a high-proof liquor. 



Tradition has it that these should be picked on the night of the Feast of Saint John. Igualada celebrates this unusual fair with ratafia contests in the autumn, and this has become established as a gastronomic option of the highest quality. It is a unique chance to get to know more about this liquor, as well as taste it and collect recipes for making it at home. 
The fair also offers numerous activities related to the drink: informative talks, public tastings and musical performances in the tavern. 

Amics de la Ratafia de l'Anoia



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