The Cow Festival

24/05/2019 - 26/05/2019 Vacarisses

Every year, on 25 May, Vacarisses brings a cow down from the castle to cook in the square. Come to the Cow Festival!

Legend has it that the feudal lord of Vacarisses Castle lived with great abundance whilst the locals suffered from great shortages and famine until one day when a young man from the town confronted him and told him what he thought. The feudal lord, feeling ashamed, gave the locals a cow. Nowadays, this cow takes the form of a giant and is called Vaca Xula. Every year the people of Vacarisses bring it down from the castle to the town to commemorate this story. During the evening, a real cow is roasted in the square and the following day it is eaten at a popular meal among friends.



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