Sant Sebastià Festivals

Festes de Sant Sebastià i del Pi a Matadepera
11/01/2019 - 21/01/2019 Matadepera

The Sant Sebastià Festivals commemorate the rural past of Matadepera.

The Sant Sebastià Festivals in Matadepera revolve around a pine tree which is planted in Cal Baldiró Square. People set off to find the tree the night before and bring it down to the town centre on their shoulders. On Sant Sebastià's Day it is planted in the square and the festival begins! If you are feeling brave, you can take part in the Tree Climbing Competition which gives a ham to the person who climbs the pine tree in the shortest time. If you would rather be a spectator, don't miss the dances known as the Ball del Tortell and the Ball de l'Arbre.  



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