Easter most traditional

Processions, Passion Plays, candlelight vigils and sweets foods made from the finest local produce await you and are closer than you think. In the regions of Barcelona, Easter is not celebrated with the same religious fervour as elsewhere, but it does have deep-rooted traditions that adeptly combine spectacle and liturgy. Do you know the best ways to fully enjoy the festival?

A good way to start Easter is to celebrate Palm Sunday in Vic. In the morning, you can get the palms at the town's most historical market and, at dusk, during the Procession of the Armed, you will have the opportunity to commemorate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem over two thousand years ago.

On the evening of Maundy Thursday, you can join the Procession of the Mysteries, in which people walk the streets of Badalona in total silence holding candles. If you can get to the Parish Church before the procession floats leave, you will not regret it: the Song of the Passion that opens the ritual is spectacular!

Good Friday is the perfect day to attend one of the Passion Plays organised in the province. The most famous are in Olesa de Montserrat and Esparreguera. With performances, scenery, lighting and first-rate musical accompaniment, you will understand why they have been added to Spain's list of Traditional Festivals of National Interest and will soon become Heritage of Humanity masterpieces.

The resurrection of Jesus is celebrated in Catalonia with the traditional Mona de Pascua Easter Cake. Consisting of a sponge cake decorated with candied fruit and chocolate eggs, it is one of the province's most popular and typical sweet foods at Eastertime.


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