Les Santes Main Town Festival

Les Santes Main Town Festival

The Festa Major (Main Town Festival) of Mataró, in honour of Saint Juliana and Saint Semproniana, is once again upon us. Family fun is at the centre of this festival, as you accompany the Robafaves family and the so-called Nans (dwarves or big heads) to the sound of the flabiol (Catalan fipple flute) and the tamborí (little drum).

History, the revival of local participation, liturgy and innovation are —according to those in the know in Mataró— the four pillars that make the Festa Major (Main Town Festival) of Les Santes one of the best festivals in Catalonia. Held since the first half of the 19th century, it’s renowned for the strong participation, enthusiasm and devotion of the people of Mataró to their festival. If you head to the city while the festival is on, you’ll find that the enthisiasm is contagious and you’ll only be able to do one thing: experience Les Santes as intensely as the locals do.


25/07/2024 - 29/07/2024





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