Miquelets Festival

Miquelets Festival

Delve into the history of the Spanish War of Succession through the historical recreations of the Miquelets Festival in Olesa de Montserrat. Artisanal market, traditions, legends, the Miquelets and… plenty of festivities.

Why did Olesa de Montserrat play a noteworthy role during the Spanish War of Succession between 1705 and 1714? The historical recreations staged at the Miquelets Festival will show you that it was a strategic site with a castle and hospital, and that both the Allies and the Catalan troops set up camp there. You’ll also discover what day-to-day life was like or what happened in one of the last councils of war held before the defeat of 11 September.


05/10/2024 - 06/10/2024


Olesa de Montserrat



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