The magnificent twelve

Do you like clean fresh air, unspoiled landscapes and exploring mountains and valleys along quiet trails? If you do, you will love the natural parks of the regions of Barcelona! Over a hundred thousand protected hectares have a lot to offer… So pick your destination and prepare your luggage. Peaceful rural tourism in contact with nature is awaiting you very close by.

The Natural Park Network that surrounds the Catalonian capital contains places of great beauty. Montseny Natural Park, for example, is a mosaic of Mediterranean and central European landscapes that is so special that UNESCO has declared it a Biosphere Reserve. But the extraordinary biodiversity that you have within your reach in the regions of Barcelona does not stop there: in total, there are twelve nature parks that are protected for their great scenic, ecological and cultural value.

In Costa Barcelona, ​​you will find spaces as fascinating as Serralada Litoral Park – a mountain range from which you can enjoy beautiful views over the sea. In addition, much of the sand that forms the beaches of the coast has come from there, so remember that with gratitude when you are scrolling through this or its neighbouring parks – Serralada MarinaSerra de Collserola and Montnegre and Corredor.

Further south, Garraf Park will surprise you with an appearance that is completely different from the previous areas, featuring the palmetto as its most emblematic plant species, a calcareous geology full of karst formations and a Tibetan monastery that welcomes anyone who is interested in Buddhist meditation. Very close to Garraf, in Olèrdola Park, you will find Iberian, Roman and medieval remains, from among which the Romanesque chapel of Saint Michael particularly stands out. In addition to the castles of Penyafort and CastelletFoix Park is interesting for its variety of ecological environments, which have been created in the surroundings of the Foix reservoir. As it is one of the few protected wetlands in the Penedès region, the reservoir has become a refuge for many animals, especially birds, and you will enjoy it very much, if you visit the area with a good pair of binoculars.

The marked trails of Montesquieu Castle Park will guide you through gardens and forests, in the Baix Llobregat Agricultural Park, you will have a great time exploring one of the oldest and most fertile agricultural areas of Catalonia and, in the Guilleries-Savassona Natural Area, the liquid element awaits you in the form of water sports. If you prefer dry land, you should visit the Sant Llorenç del Munt and Obac Natural Park, near Terrassa. In the Flequer Valley, you will find collections of wine vat-shaped constructions built from dry stone in the 18th and 19th centuries. Do not miss out on seeing them!

  • The calendar of events on the website of the Nature Park Network is full of activities. Check it out and choose the one you prefer!
  • During your visit or stay in this natural area, please act respectfully and with care. Enjoy natural parks with respect.

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