Essential apps for an unforgettable trip!



Aplicació BCN+Rutes de la Diputació de BarcelonaBCN+ Routes        

With the Bcn+ Routes app you can search for routes on foot, by bike or by car in the province of Barcelona. Each itinerary includes tracks, a description, information on places of interest, and photographs, along with a selection of tourism resources related to the suggested route.

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Aplicació dels Parcs Naturals de la Diputació de BarcelonaNatural parks     

Official guide to the protected natural areas managed directly or within a consortium by Barcelona Provincial Council. The new app includes comprehensive information on the 11 parks, including activities, facilities, services and weather. It also offers push notifications.

Aplicació dels Parcs Naturals per a Android  Aplicació del parc natural del Montseny a Apple store



Aplicació Itineraris ParcsPark Routes

Park Routes is a free app that helps you plan an excursion following one of the waymarked routes of the 12 protected natural areas managed by Barcelona Provincial Council. It contains more than 180 tracks and more than 440 points of interest. 

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