Carnaval a les comarques de Barcelona és molt més!

Totes les rues, disfresses, tallers infantils, concursos i comparses per gaudir de la festa més boja de l'any.
6 àpats comunitaris de Carnaval

El Carnaval és molt més que disfresses, desfilades amb carrosses, pregons satírics i balls tradicionals. La golafreria i un punt d'embriaguesa caracteritzen aquesta festa, i no en falten les ocasions per treure el ventre de pena entre Dijous Llarder i Dimecres de Cendra. En colla, això sí, que el "Rei dels Poca-soltes" detesta la solitud... Vols conèixer alguns dels més contundents àpats comunitaris de Carnestoltes?

5 essential carnivals

There are 5 unmissable carnivals in the regions of Barcelona for those who enjoy dressing up, fun revolutions and excesses of all kinds. From Dijous Gras or Fat Thursday (the last Thursday before Lent) to Ash Wednesday, the only thing on everyone's mind in Vilanova, Vilafranca, Sitges, Sallent and Torelló is enjoying the annual visit of the Rei Carnestoltes (Carnival King) to the full. Are you ready to celebrate the party of parties?

Delicious Lent

In ancient times, when Vella Quaresma (Old Lady Lent) arrived with her seven legs poking out from under her skirt, everyone knew what it meant: it was time for fasting and abstinence! After all the excesses encouraged by the Carnestoltes (Carnival King), it was time to go on a diet, forsaking meat, eggs and milk in preparation for Easter. However, these restrictions didn’t mean that dishes were plain or basic; not by a long chalk! Our ancestors knew how to make the most of the ingredients that were allowed in order to carry on enjoying good cuisine; traditional dishes that are still made today in homes across Catalonia or at the culinary get-togethers held over the seven weeks of Lent.


Què fer per Carnaval a les comarques de Barcelona?

Carnaval t'espera per riure, jugar, cantar, ballar, disfressar-te i gaudir de tots els esdeveniments que es fan als pobles i ciutats de les comarques de Barcelona... Sitges, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Sallent, Vilafranca, Torelló... Tu decideixes!
Sallent Carnival
Culture and traditions

The wildest carnival in Central Catalonia

Sitges Carnival
Culture and traditions

This is one of the most famous festivals in the Barcelona region. The Sitges Carnival is more than 100 years old!

Terra Endins Carnival
Culture and traditions

This is the most famous carnival in Osona. The Terra Endins (Inland) Carnival in Torelló lasts an entire week!

Fat Thursday in Vic
Culture and traditions

As befits a region well known for its cured sausages, Osona celebrates Fat Thursday with a great festival. Do you fancy coming alo...

Carnaval in Vilanova i la Geltrú – King Carnestoltes
Culture and traditions

Vilanova i la Geltrú offers a unique carnival experience every year, but it maintains the traditional elements that have character...