Els Roures

Els Roures is a family business that serves mountain tourists in Espinalbet. It was built in 1976 when the town only had four houses around the church.It remains a rustic establishment to this day, and is surrounded by woods. The décor in the indoor dining area is predominantly of stone and wood, and there is a large central wrought iron fireplace and a grill to cook charcoal-grilled meats.The restaurant is a member of the La Cuina del Bolet (Mushroom Cuisine) and La Cuina de la Caça (Game Cuisine) Associations, and so it comes as no surprise that the traditional Berguedà-region gastronomic fare that is on offer here includes patatas enmascaradas (mashed potato with blood sausage), beans with browned bacon, beef casserole with mushrooms and pig's trotters with ceps (wild mushrooms).
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