Dried fruit has, for centuries, been a basic food in Catalonia. Almonds have almost always been present in any festival or hearty meals. Indeed it constitutes a fundamental ingredient in many dishes in Catalan cuisine and, in particular, in sauces and accompaniments. Some traditional confectionery is very well known such as almendras garrapiñadas (almonds covered in burned sugar), chocolate nougat and panellets. There are also some drinks such as ratafía, those based on almonds and milk or almond horchata, which are delicacies for those with the sweetest tooth. As is obvious, almonds can be eaten in many ways: raw, salted, fried or toasted. In the medieval cuisine practised in Catalonia almond milk or soup were typical, and there was nothing strange about having it in desserts especially amongst peasants or fishermen. The production of almonds is concentrated in Lleida and Tarragona. In the district of El Bages, the land of dried fruit, a typical sweet is prepared known as ametlles de la llum, and in Banyoles, another very curious one, poquibons. In El Priorat, on the other hand, a specific variety is grown called rofa and, moreover, here almonds are linked to agritourism. The routes are open from August to September and enable watching, and even participating, in the harvest and drying process.
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