Young cocks are ducklings which are neutered when they are six months old. Due to a very special diet these animals produce healthy meat, which is very tender with an exquisite flavour. This diet consists exclusively of corn and leguminous plants without any type of additive. The ducklings are bred outdoors and without accelerating the process, thereby following the traditional methods used for centuries. The farmers of El Berguedà have been selling this meat of extraordinary quality since 1993, and its excellent properties have culminated in it being included in the Vedella i Pollastre Designation ('veal and chicken') of El Berguedà. The neutered ducklings can be used, amongst many options, for the traditional recipe of pollastre de pagès (country chicken): the chicken is roasted and accompanied by a sauce based on vegetables, wine, chopped apple and dried fruit (raisins and pine nuts). The neutered duckling can also be roasted with sesame, soya and honey or can be prepared as stuffed rolls.
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