Neula wafers

Of all the recipes comprising traditional confectionery in Catalonia it is the neules (cylindrical wafers) which stand out. Although their origin is uncertain, reference is made to them in different sources from the 13th century, although back then, instead of being cylindrical they had a rather flatter shape. They are made with rolled dough made from wheat flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter and vanilla. Sweet and light, they have a texture similar to flaky pastry, however are less fragile. In Catalonia they are served as a dessert, particularly at Christmas, although it is not unusual to see them at other times in the year to accompany ice cream or coffee. Both in the village of Ribera d'Urgellet, in the area known as Pla de Sant Tirs, and in Mataró, neules are made using artisan methods and are very popular. Visitors with a very sweet tooth can visit, try them or simply take a look round at Miquel Romeu's workshop (Pla de Sant Tirs) or at the Neulers Casa Graupera in Mataró. Apart from the traditional barquillos there are other varieties made using the same dough recipe such as cubanos, thick and short; xiquitillos, more toasted or abanicos, triangular in shape and with a flavour more like a biscuit.
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