Guinea fowl

Even the Egyptians delighted in the delicious meat of this fowl, la pintada, originating from Africa, specifically from Guinea. That is why it is also referred to as Guinea fowl, Pharaoh fowl or Pharaoh. This fowl has a grey pearl colour with little white marks all over its body and has an aggressive personality; in fact, when faced with aggressors it attacks as a group. Considered as a luxury fowl, the district of El Berguedà is the only place in Catalonia where it is bred. All of the above justifies why the fattening process is very delicate : based on a diet of corn without additives and outdoors. Its meat is highly regarded because of its intense flavour and tender texture. Its eggs are also quite popular and can be served hard boiled, poached or in salads. The Guinea fowl is used to prepare dishes similar to those that would be prepared with neutered ducklings or chickens. As such, it can be stuffed, roasted or stewed.
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