Osona pork

Osona is one of the most well-known areas in Catalonia for its culinary delights. Specifically, the quality of the meat produced by pigs bred in the region has led to it being accredited with an official mark Q for food quality. The meat from these pigs has a pinkish colour, whilst the fat has a creamy white colour; it has a soft texture whilst being consistent at the same time. This is due to the pigs being fattened with controlled fodder formulas and being bred on farms which follow a well-being protocol for the animals. Pork plays a leading role in several recipes in Catalan cuisine, particularly in stews and hearty dishes typical in mountain areas : casseroles, confits, meatballs, pig's trotters or domestically slaughtered meat. This meat is also used to prepare cured meats and sausages such as fuet, salchichón and butifarra. In Vic, the group Osona Cuina proposes a route which combines knowledge of the city, especially its Romanesque legacy, with a gastronomic visit to restaurants whose menus serve dishes prepared with pork from locally bred pigs. Osona is also where the Europorc is held, technical day events for professionals from the meat sector. In the town of Manlleu, the Festa del Porc i la Cervesa takes place during the last weekend of September. This is an opportunity to enjoy activities for children, performances and other events related with pork, such as the live preparation of products, cooking demonstrations or guided tastings of cured meats and sausages. During the fair it is also possible to taste some of the dishes such as pig's cheek squares with spring onions and mushrooms, pork loin provençal style or boneless pig's trotters stuffed with duck confit and ratatouille.

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