Penedès cockerel

El gall (cockerel) from El Penedès is a species of fowl which can only be found in this area. It is reared free range and is fed on grain, fruit and vegetables. It has four possible colours: glossy black, which is the most usual, however there are also colours with golden stripes, a wheat colour and partridge-like. Its meat is fibrous and consistent, and the flavour is excellent. It can almost only be purchased at the Fira del Gall de Vilafranca, which is held in December. During the fair there is also a cockerel contest and a tasting of the dishes made with this species. Roast cockerel with pears and plums is particularly popular, although there are other more modern ones such as cockerel's feet stuffed with spring onions or cockerel with the contrast of candied peach and chocolate.
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