Prat cockerel

Apart from the gall (cockerel) from El Penedès, in Catalonia there is also another species of native cockerel, the gall del Prat. It is also known as the gall potablava (blue-footed cockerel) and is one of the city's symbols. Its breeding is limited to the El Baix Lloobregat area. Since 1987 it has been the holder of the Pollastre y Capó de la Raça Prat Generic Designation of Quality. Its most outstanding characteristic, as its name indicates, is the blue colour of its feet. Its meat is a dark colour, uniform, rich and practically has no fat thanks to be being fed naturally with cereals. The gall potablava is eaten char-grilled, or in the oven or accompanied by a picada catalana made with almonds, hazelnuts, mature wine, white pepper and saffron. There is also a fair for the gall potablava, the Fira Avícola, which is held in El Prat de Llobregat during December.
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