Vic Llonganissa sausage

The Vic longaniza sausage is one of Catalonia's most characteristic sausages and, above all, one of the most well-known throughout the world as the result of the International Paris Exhibition in 1857. Nowadays it is one of the most outstanding hallmarks of the Vic Plain, where the tradition is revered dating back to the 14th century at least. It is with good reason that it obtained the Protected Geographical Indication, and can only be sold with a label which confirms this. Its production is highly controlled, to the point that in Vic there are only eight producers. The decision to award it a specific geographical indication was primarily in response to the Plain's unique climate. Surrounded by mountains, there are frequent mists and the temperatures are low, factors which affect the longaniza maturing process lending it an exclusive and unusual flavour. Longaniza is only made using selected lean pork, salt and black pepper, mixed with bacon diced and cold macerated for several days. Once the meat has been stuffed, it is left to dry for a minimum of 45 days. During this period, it produces a typical flora, with a whitish colour which gives it its characteristic aroma and flavour. The best variety is the one that has been stuffed in natural gut. In Vic there is an annual award called Llonganissa d’Or which is given to the best promotion of Catalan gastronomic products. The weekly Vic market, one of the most popular in Catalonia, is an excellent place to buy it.
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