Strawberry growing in the district of El Maresme has, particularly in its mountainous area, benefited from its proximity to the sea and from an ideal microclimate. The sloping landscape means that it is exposed to more sunlight than would normally be hoped for during the winter months, just when this fruit is growing. The El Maresme strawberry grows in very small holdings, using artisan harvesting, and which literally hang from the sloping land of the Catalan Coastal Range. The most widely grown varieties are gaviota and pájaro, highly recognised for their quality. This strawberry is characterised by having a deep red colour, a meaty texture and a pleasant aroma. With regard to flavour, these strawberries are very sweet, however with a touch of acidity. Catalan gastronomy has some recipes, desserts in particular, (such as strawberries in wine and sugar, and fruit salad), where it is usual to mix the strawberries with pear, apple, orange and banana. However, there are also other dishes where they play an important role. Crispy chicken farcell stuffed with strawberries in a sweet and sour sauce is one of the most outstanding. In early May, in Sant Pol de Mar, Sant Cebrià de Vallalta and in other villages close to El Maresme, the Diada de la Maduixa is held as part of the local gastronomic day events.

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