Fresh cottage cheese

Cottage cheese, also referred to as mató, brull or brolla, is a very popular fresh cheese in Catalonia. In fact, it is one of the most consumed artisan products in the country. It is with good reason that as far back as the 19th century peasants sold it in the markets of Montserrat and Marganell. It is made using pasteurised goat or cow's milk boiled and curdled with lemon juice. The resulting very soft texture used to be filtered using a cloth or a wicker or cane container. It is a milky white and glistening colour, and has a soft and gelatinous texture. It has no skin and its flavour is fresh and sweet thanks to the lactose concentration during the entire curdling process. In Catalonia this cheese is eaten as a dessert, accompanied by honey, sugar or chopped almonds. Nevertheless, for some time now, attempts have been made to include it in various dishes, amongst which it is worth mentioning lasagne with prawns, cottage cheese and vegetables. Since 1997, at the end of October, the Fira de la Coca i el Mató is held in Monistrol, where different types of cottage cheeses can be sampled such as the one made using milk and coffee.
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