Ganxet bean

The El Ganxet bean is unique in the world because it is only grown in a small area in Catalonia comprised of the districts of El Maresme and El Vallès Oriental and Occidental. Its origins are unknown and, until recently, farmers in the area grew it purely for their own consumption. Medium in size, its skin is slightly rough and hardly noticeable. With regard to flavour it is mild and creamy, delicate and persistent. The quality and unusualness of this bean variety has led to its recognition as a Protected Designation of Origin. It can be found dried, cooked and tinned. If using dry, it can only be boiled with salt and water without any kind of additive. Catalan cuisine uses them to make a considerable number of dishes: beans with butifarra, pork rib with beans, green beans with ham or beans with cauliflower. And two traditional stews: the olla barrejada and the olla verda. It also plays the leading role in empedrado, one of the most popular summer dishes. The El Ganxet bean is given a great deal of attention during the Setmana de la Cuina del Vallès, which is held every year in Castellar del Vallès at the end of January. The week includes talks, exhibitions, gastronomic sampling and a luncheon for the public. In Caldes de Estrac, during November the Jornades Gastronòmiques de la Mongeta del Ganxet, are held during which various restaurants present dishes prepared using this product.
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