For centuries, the district of El Berguedà is considered as the best area for mushroom picking thanks to its climatic conditions and it forests which are humid in the autumn. The most outstanding edible varieties are mízcalos, negrillas, Bordeaux mushrooms, carrerilla mushrooms, colmenillas oronjas. Mushrooms can be eaten raw, dried and candied and are prepared in many ways depending on the varieties. The mízcalos, the most popular, are delicious toasted char-grilled with garlic and parsley or roasted in the oven; the negrillas, stewed or in soups; the Bordeaux mushrooms, dried after cutting them very thinly and colmenillas, cooked before adding them to stews. The number of dishes in Catalan cuisine which include mushrooms is, moreover, very extensive. By way of example it is worth mentioning mushroom soup, casseroled rabbit with mushrooms, mushroom tart, cod rice with Bordeaux mushrooms or cream of negrillas. There is even a bread made with mushrooms. From the start of October to mid-November various restaurants in the district hold Jornades de la Cuina del Bolet where dishes prepared using a wide range of local produce can be tried. Early October is also when in Berga the Concurs de Boletaires is held which goes back more than fifty years. People from all parts arrive to compete to find the best mushrooms in the area.

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