DO Alella

The wines in this area were already praised by the Roman writers Plinio el Viejo and Marcial in their epigrams. Centuries later, in 1953, the Alella Designation of Origin was recognised. The vines with this designation grow in sandy soil of granite origin and white in colour, known as the sauló. Highly permeable, it facilitates the ripening of the grapes and gives the wines their finesse. This area has a Mediterranean climate, quite humid, given the closeness to the coast. The sea breeze gives the vines their shape. The most characteristic variety is pansa blanca, a grape similar to xarello. This grape produces perfumed and shiny white wines which are sold under the traditional Marfil brand. With regard to red wine it is essentially the garnacha negra variety that is used. The Alella Designation of Origin is recognised above all for the quality of the white wines : light, perfumed, elegant and crystalline with a pleasant taste, as well as being very harmonious. The red wines are normally fruity and mild. The average production is 8,000 hectolitres. Historically, this area supplied the city of Barcelona. Some of these wines are often produced in urban country homes which are always built on the mountainsides. The Alella Vinícola Cooperative, founded in 1906 is particularly worthy of mention. Its wine cellar is the work of the modernist architect Jeroni Martorell i Terrats. It can normally be visited during September when the grape harvest starts.

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