Black pea

The black pea is a variety of pea particular to el Berguedà where it has been grown since the 18th century in mountainous area, specifically en la Vall de Lord. The name of this legume comes from the brown black colour it develops once it is cooked.The crop gives small yields as it is often victim to attack from termite infestations. In terms of harvesting, the dry grain is picked in the summer season (July-August) with a yield which fluctuates between 500 and 1,500 kilos per hectare.Normally stewed or sautéed with pork, they supply a high level of protein and contain complex carbohydrates. At the end of October, in the small town of Gósol (in the north of el Berguedà) a Fine Food Display takes place, and this pea takes pride of place.

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