The Witches of Viladrau Dance

Ball de Bruixes de Viladrau
31/10/2019 Viladrau

On the night of All Saints' Day, Viladrau commemorates one of the most tragic episodes: the persecution of witches.

Viladrau is the town that executed the most witches in the 17th century. The Witches' Dance remembers this persecution and represents a meeting of women who were in Sant Segimon. They say that there were a series of storms and hailstorms that damaged the harvests. The dance takes place next to a bonfire and fireworks are thrown into it to represent the thunder. If you go to it, take a bag with you because the hailstorm comes in the form of sweets. Finish off the evening celebrating a chestnut festival with chestnuts and liqueur.



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