Caramelles in Súria

11/04/2020 - 12/04/2020 Súria

Caramelles, traditional songs sung at Easter, are one of the most deeply-rooted traditions celebrated in Súria. Do you want to find out more about them?

When you arrive in the town, you will immediately realise that the caramelles are different in Súria. They are characterised by combining the songs with the Ball de Bastons (a dance with sticks) and bells and they have distinguishing personalities. The blunderbuss bearers accompany the singers with the sound of their blunderbusses. The lloques (singers chosen for the fair) are responsible for collecting gifts from the public. And the crossbow men carry an extensible wooden tool. If you are lucky enough to watch the caramelles from a balcony, they may throw you a flower!



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