Fiesta de los Elois

27/07/2019 - 28/07/2019 Berga

If you go to the festival of the Elois of Berga, be careful! A bucket of water could fall on your head!


The Elois of Berga festival has two protagonists: horses and water. Sant Eloi is the patron saint of the people who carried goods from one place to another. Since it is held on Sant Antoni's Day, the patron saint of animals, there needs to be a blessing. In Berga, they make sure that everyone is touched and, in addition to the religious blessing, a popular one is made. From their balconies, the locals, loaded with buckets, cooking pots and hoses, make sure that the riders get drenched. At the Patum, the protagonist is fire; but for the Elois, it is water! 



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