The blue and white town festival

Festa Major de Blancs i Blaus
24/08/2019 - 01/09/2019 Granollers

If you live in Granollers, you must be blue or white. The same applies if you go to the town festival too! Make your choice!

The Granollers blue and white town festival is one of the most competitive and participatory ones in Catalonia. For ten days, the city is divided into these two colours. These two groups organise more than 100 activities, which include competitive games, such as the traditional tile passing, the tug-of-war or the tilers competition. Based on correfocs (in which people run around dressed as devils holding fireworks), water games, dances and human towers, a verdict is reached on the last day: A jury decides whether Granollers is white or blue. 



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