Poesia i +

Poesia i +
02/07/2020 - 12/07/2020 Caldes d'Estrac

Enjoy poetry mixed with other artistic disciplines in Caldes d'Estrac. The Poesia i + Festival will surprise you!


Fundació Palau

Carrer de la Riera, 54 -

Thanks to an impulse given by the poet Josep Palau i Fabre, the Poesia i + Festival aims to bring poetry closer to other artistic disciplines. Music, art, video, and so on, creative mixes which, together with poetry, take on another dimension. Contemporary artists recite in an unbeatable setting: the courtyard of the Fundació Palau and Can Muntanyà Park, both of which have enviable views of Caldes d'Estrac and the Mediterranean. You won't be able to say that poetry is boring!  



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