A family break in the countryside

Tired of the city? Close to Barcelona, you can enjoy nature in farm cottages and traditional rural accommodation in small villages or in the heart of the countryside. With all kinds of amenities and a wide range of complementary activities, a stay in these establishments is always an interesting experience for the young and old alike. And there are over 700 of them to choose from!

In many villages in the regions of Barcelona, you’ll find rural accommodation where you can spend a truly unforgettable holiday. But before choosing somewhere, it‘s worth bearing in mind that two types of rural accommodation exist under Catalan law: farmhouses, which you share with their owners, experiencing their way of life; and cottages, known locally as masoveries, which are rented out whole (not shared with anyone else). This difference is especially important if you’re travelling with kids, since, depending on their ages, you may be more interested in a house where you can have total freedom and independence, or the complete opposite: a place you share with the owners, where you can learn plenty of interesting things about the countryside and animals.

In Paisatges Barcelona, an area encompassing the regions of Anoia, Bages, Osona, and the Moianès, you’ll find farmhouses where several generations of farmers have lived. These are very attractive places that still operate as fully-functioning farms. Some of them have stables with horses, fish-filled ponds and small farmyards with hens, chickens, ducks, geese and even the occasional new-born lamb. Your kids will be thrilled to be able to bottle-feed the baby animals, scatter grain or collect eggs!

Set amongst the Pyrenean foothills, the Berguedà region will captivate you if you’re looking for rural accommodation in a forest setting. Depending on which season it is when you take the family there, you may find wild mushrooms, asparagus, snails, blackberries or wild strawberries. And, if you pay enough attention, you might even discover the hidden treasure: the highly-prized black truffle.

Meanwhile, the rural accommodation available in the Alt Penedès region will be right up your street if you love vineyard landscapes. There are plenty of wineries where you can round off the day with a glass of cava, strolling through the vineyards with the kids.

  • On the Barcelona is much more website, you can find out about the rural accommodation available in the regions of Barcelona. Keep looking until you find the perfect option for your family!

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