A land of personality

A distinctive region awaits you in the heart of Catalonia, full of stark contrasts, where you can see the imprint left by history. In Bages, prehistoric remains happily coexist with baroque monuments, while the high peaks appear to be watching over the extensive, fertile vineyards. If you don’t like half measures, you're sure to find this area fascinating!

Did you know that in Bages there’s a saline formation that originated 40 million years ago and that’s been mined since Roman times? There’s no other place in the world like the Cardona Salt Mountain. Observe the spectacular folds and seams inside its galleries, along with a wide variety of minerals. The guided tour at a depth of 86 metres is truly unforgettable!

Very close by, in Manresa, the old School of Sant Ignasi is a 17th-century building that houses the Regional Museum and its impressive baroque art collection. Once you’ve seen the museum, make sure you visit Saint Ignatius’ Cave (a sanctuary), Carrer del Balç (a famous medieval street) and, of course, the Gothic Basilica of Santa Maria, also known as La Seu, which is the most important historical building in the capital of Bages.

And while we're on the subject of symbols, why don't we continue our journey and climb up to see one of the cultural, spiritual and religious symbols of Catalonia? To listen to the boys’ choir singing the Salve and Virolai at the Basilica of Montserrat is a unique experience! And if you want to enjoy some spectacular views, climb up to the summit of Sant Jeroni at 1,224 metres above sea level. The climb is fairly gentle and the panoramic view is absolutely stunning.

Are you feeling hungry? Not to worry! Thanks to the rich soils in this area, a wide variety of top quality food products are cultivated in Bages, some of which are highly distinctive. One example is the white aubergine, a delicious vegetable whose cultivation ceased in the last century and has now been revived. Special mention must be made of the Pla de Bages Designation of Origin wines: with a fresh aroma, splendid texture and fruity flavour, the region’s white wines owe much of their personality to the picapoll grape variety, since Bages is the only place in Spain where this variety is cultivated.

  • Would you like to spend the night in a charming little town? You're sure to like Rajadell, where the mediaeval quarter has been preserved.

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