Beaches forever

Going to the beach is many people’s favourite holiday activity, and with more than 100 kilometres of seafront, the regions of Barcelona are the ideal destination for beach lovers. However, in order to maintain a clean, well-conserved coastline, it’s essential to be environmentally aware. Here are five basic tips to ensure sustainable tourism on the Costa Barcelona.

1. Get around using green energy

Getting to the beach without polluting is possible; all you have to do is put your car keys away and head there on foot, by bicycle or on public transport. The tram is the perfect option and several beaches can be reached using 100% green energy: check out the lines and stops! The train is a good alternative, with plenty of long beaches and small coves located along lines R1 and R2 of Rodalies de Catalunya, the suburban railway.

2. Choose your beach well

If you want to be considered an eco-friendly beachgoer, you have to do more than just choose a means of transport with little environmental impact; it’s also important to pick a holiday destination that holds an internationally recognised sustainability seal, such as the Blue Flag, which is only awarded to beaches that comply with regulations concerning water quality, safety, general cleanliness, accessibility and waste management. So if you see a sky blue flag fluttering over the sand, you can relax: you’ve reached one of the Blue Flag beaches of the Costa Barcelona.

3. Adopt a zero waste policy

Any item that falls in the water can harm marine life, so try to make sure that nothing you take to the beach ends up in the Mediterranean Sea. Store your personal belongings in the safety lockers installed in many towns on the Costa Barcelona. Furthermore, instead of buying plastic bottles, take a classic reusable water bottle with you. Avoid buying food packaged in non-reusable containers and make sure you leave your litter in the correct recycling bins. If you’re feeling peckish, why not sit down in comfort at a beach snack bar or restaurant? You’ll have a much better meal and you’ll be leaving the proper disposal of waste in the hands of professionals.

4. Choose local, seasonal produce

While we’re on the subject of restaurants, check out the menu carefully and try to order dishes with local, seasonal fruit and vegetables; they’ll be packed with flavour and you won’t be contributing to increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Would you like to support sustainable and responsible fishing practices? Make the most of your trip to the beach by visiting one of the fish markets that auction the catch of the day brought in by the local fishing fleet. It’s a unique experience and you’ll be able to find out at first hand which species are not in danger of being overfished.

5. Out of the bath and into the vies braves (open water swimming lanes)

Fresh water is an essential and limited natural resource, so try not to waste it! Don’t leave the tap running, don’t use more water than you need, and don’t take endless showers or baths. If you need to cool down, jump into a swimming pool or, even better, take a dip in the sea. In the regions of Barcelona you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a secluded cove, a family-friendly beach with comprehensive services or the ideal bay for kayaking, windsurfing or sailing. If you prefer, you can do some safe open water swimming using the vies braves (open water swimming lanes).

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