Charming rural tourism

Lots of people dream of a holiday in the countryside, staying in the heart of nature, trying typical dishes, discovering traditional trades and experiencing village life. Are you one of them? Keep reading! You’ll find a selection of suggestions for enjoying sustainable rural tourism in the regions of Barcelona.

1. Stay in environmentally friendly accommodation

Farmhouses, village cottages, campsites, hostels and shelters... Just a few kilometres away from the city of Barcelona, you’ll find a wide range of rural accommodation establishments to suit all tastes, occasions and budgets. The best thing of all is that many of them are firmly committed to environmental principles and don’t use fossil energy in their facilities, opting instead for sustainable and self-sufficient alternatives, such as solar panels, biomass boilers or ground source heat pumps. Some establishments even hold the Biosphere Commitment to Sustainability seal or the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST) seal, which are only awarded to 100% green establishments.

2. Experience real countryside living

If, in addition to staying in a rural setting, you’re keen to immerse yourself in countryside living, head to the working farms of the local villages and find out what activities they schedule to show visitors their products and day-to-day work. In the regions of Osona, Moianès, Lluçanès and Bages, you can shear sheep, milk cows or collect wild mushrooms, and, depending on the time of the year, you can go on the bread routes and the Lluçanès milk route, among other activities. In the Maresme and Vallès Oriental regions, you can discover the benefits of consuming local and seasonal produce, as well as learning how to grow fruit and vegetables in organic market gardens.

3. Savour local cuisine

You can eat top-quality food at reasonable prices in all the towns of the regions of Barcelona, whether on the coast, further inland or in the mountains. However, if your passion for eating is only matched by your passion for cooking, make the most of your stay by purchasing top-quality local products in the farmers’ markets held weekly throughout the area. The markets of Manresa, Calaf and the Agricultural Park of Baix Llobregat are among the most famous, but if you enjoy visiting squares with live animals, head to Vic market, a Mecca for professional and amateur cooks alike.

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