Fruits of the sea

With over 100 kilometres of blue Mediterranean coastline, it is easy to understand why the municipalities of Costa Barcelona have such a close relationship with the sea. The origins of many villages, towns and cities in Maresme, Barcelonès, Baix Llobregat and Garraf, lie in fishing, maritime trade and shipbuilding – origins that for many of these places are by no means a distant memory. Along this stretch of coastline, fishing remains one of the main industries – a fact that you can see for yourself, if you visit any of the seafood auctions that take place on the region's quaysides every day.

Visiting the seafood auction in Vilanova i la Geltrú, for example, is a unique experience. Its fishing fleet is well known for the quality and diversity of its fish and seafood catches, especially the red prawns, langoustines and whelks it pulls from the sea every day. Although most of the buyers that go to the auction are professionals, anyone can visit the two daily auctions that take place on weekdays and enjoy the spectacle.

Further north, the Arenys de Mar auction is a fine example of the long seafaring tradition of the municipality and also proof that top-quality cuisine can only be achieved with premium ingredients. From the visitors' gallery, you can experience the seafood auction live and admire the famous squid that play such a prominent role on the menus of local restaurants. Whether they are grilled with vegetables, stuffed with minced meat or sautéed with garlic and onions, they are delicious!

Another fish auction well worth seeing takes place outdoors on the sand of Montgat beach from Monday to Friday. Starting at one in the afternoon, with the local fishermen's catch displayed in baskets, the auctioneer loudly sings out the starting prices. The amount goes down quickly until one of the buyers shouts out «Mine!» and stops the auction. Within half an hour, no baskets remain, and the participants go home with a bagful of fresh fish and a wide smile that lights up their faces.


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