Landscapes of calm

To the west of Montserrat we find Anoia, a region where it's still possible to get away from it all and regain some peace and calm. It's a land for stargazing, strolling around towns and cities brimming with history, visiting old factories converted into museums or tasting delicious artisanal food in fairs and markets. Are you ready to discover its treasures?

Our route begins in the regional capital, Igualada, whose well-preserved historical heritage is well worth exploring: at the Leather Museum, located right next to the irrigation channel, you can find out how tanneries operated in the 18th century. You'll also be interested in the Muleteer's Museum, whose impressive collection of tools, utensils, carts, carriages, saddles and bridles shows the evolution of goods transportation over the course of time.

Pujalt is located very close by. This picturesque little town is home to the remains of the training camp of the Popular Army Corps of the Republic, which operated during the Spanish Civil War. The site has been carefully and sensitively turned into a museum, giving you a strong sense of how life in the region was transformed during the years of conflict. Pujalt also boasts a prestigious astronomical observatory, a research and teaching centre where guided tours and stargazing activities are often scheduled.

One of the other must-see attractions of the region is found in Capellades, namely the Paper Mill and Museum, a 17th-century mill where you can discover the artisanal paper manufacturing process. Before you leave Capellades, head to the Abric Romaní Prehistoric Park, located at the top of a scarp of great scenic and geological importance, where you can explore some 20 archaeological sites from different periods.

Another town not to be missed during your visit to Anoia is Calaf. Enjoy a stroll around its charming old quarter, including the Plaça Gran, recognised as a Cultural Site of National Interest. Visit the restored old shops, try some delicious artisanal products at its famous Saturday market and relive scenes from the War of the Spanish Succession with a tour of Calaf Castle.

  • Did you know that Anoia is a land of castles? Well, it is! There are over 45 of them and many are open to the general public.

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Map of Top Tourist Attractions in Anoia
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Leather Museum
Muleteer's Museum
Training Camp of the Popular Army Corps of the Spanish Republic
Pujalt Astronomic Observatory
Paper Mill and Museum
Abric Romaní Prehistoric Park
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