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There are places that inspire. Towns and cities with charming museums, where you can enjoy the rich cultural and scientific heritage of Barcelona's regions without having to contend with crowds and endless queues. If you go alone or with adult company, like a friend or partner, you will, of course, be able to concentrate and take more in. If you decide to take children, you will be able to exchange curiosities and different ways of perceiving. Your perspectives will change forever!

Those who renamed Barcelona Provincial Council's Local Museum Network as the "largest museum in Catalonia" were not wrong. Its range of museums is so wide that it is like a Pandora's box! Located in Sant Corneli Industrial Colony, for example, the Cercs Mines Museum has so many stories that, once you start to hear them, you will want to stay there all day. And the same will happen when you get to Cardedeu and visit the Tomàs Balvey Museum-Archive: the collecting adventures of the last member of a line of apothecaries, the secrets of medicinal plants and the magic of making herbal liqueurs will thrill young and old alike.  

Other museums that will excite your children are those that are related to science and nature. In Granollers, the Natural Science Museum is a peaceful oasis to take the family and learn about zoology, botany and geology. Scientific and technical advances are showcased in the Vapor Aymerich, Amat i Jover – a former textile factory in Terrassa and the location of the Catalonian Science and Technical Museum. And in the Palau Mercader in Cornellà de Llobregat, not to be missed is a visit to the Mathematics Museum – a space dedicated to showing the lighter side of this exact science.

If you are more of an art lover, you will feel at home in the Paper Mill in Capellades. During the visit, you can make handmade paper with original tools and machinery, and discover, among other things, that paper is not made only from trees. And in the Printing Museum in Premià de Mar, you can learn how to print fabrics with natural colours and the same techniques that were used at the time of the Indians.
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