Shall we take the dog?

Travelling with Rover, Bella, Max, Sasha, Charlie, Trixie, or whatever your pet is called, is becoming easier and easier. If you’ve got a pet, when it comes to planning a holiday or weekend mini-break, you’ll have almost certainly asked yourself, “What shall we do with her?” And maybe you’ve followed that question up with another one, “Shall we take her with us?” If you’d like to enjoy a break without leaving your cat or dog with strangers, in the regions of Barcelona you’re in luck because every year there are more and more pet-friendly establishments.

The first thing to bear in mind is that every pet-friendly establishment has its own list of rules: the common areas of the establishment where pets are allowed (and those where they aren’t), whether they can be left alone in the room, whether all breeds and sizes are allowed, whether you have to provide an up-to-date vaccination certificate, etc. It’s even likely that you’ll have to take out a civil liability insurance policy, as well as pay a daily surcharge for the animal. So make sure you check all the conditions of the establishment before you set off; you don’t want any unpleasant surprises when you get there.

Compared with a few years ago, many more hotels allow pets these days. However, the number of pet-friendly rooms tends to be limited, so if you plan to stay in a hotel with your pet, you’d best book early, and the same goes for holiday apartments. Pet-friendly campsites, on the other hand, are much more widespread, but bear in mind that because pitches are fairly close together, most campsites insist that dogs be on a lead and under control at all times. As far as rural houses are concerned, they’re probably the best choice if you’re travelling with pets. First of all, because you’re often renting the whole house and the presence of a dog or cat is not a nuisance to anyone else. Secondly, because many houses are in isolated locations, so your pet’s meowing and barking is not likely to wake the neighbours up. And, finally, because many properties enjoy spacious grounds in which the animal can roam around and have fun.

  • Whatever you decide, nowadays there’s no excuse for leaving your pet behind when you go on holiday if you don’t want to!
  • Bear in mind that, as the owner, you’re ultimately liable for any damage or bother that your pet causes in an establishment!

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