The colours of spring

When the warm weather arrives, new colours are added to the palette of the regions of Barcelona's gastronomic landscape. The ochres, browns and blacks of winter dishes give way to more vivid colours, with green taking on a leading role. Greet spring with some of the healthiest and most nutritious foods in the Mediterranean diet.

Green stars. Asparagus from Baix Llobregat and peas from Maresme are the biggest stars of spring starters in the regions of Barcelona. Also highly popular are courgettes, broad beans, spinach and mangetout, which all provide us with much needed vitamins and minerals after the long, cold winter days.

Mighty yellow. With the warm weather, hens start to lay more eggs, enabling us to enjoy the wide variety of dishes that have this basic food in Catalonian cuisine as a main ingredient. Fried, hard or soft boiled, coddled, scrambled or in an omelette, the culinary possibilities of eggs are endless. And if you use pale eggs from Penedès, your dishes will go up a notch.

Artisan white. Chickens are not the only animals that are revitalised when spring arrives. With the rise in temperature, goats, cows and sheep produce much more milk, and the great artisan cheesemakers of the regions of Barcelona do not waste the opportunity. Blue from Osona, buffalo from Bages, ash from Berguedà and cottage from Vallès are just four speciality cheeses from the province that are well worth having in your fridge. They can easily be found at the Lactium Cheese Fair, which is held in Vic to promote a product that is so important to our diet.

Red fruits. Cherries and strawberries are two delicious fruits perfect for finishing off a good springtime meal. Cherries from Sant Climent de Llobregat, for example, are highly rated for their sweet and fresh flavour, and particularly enjoyed by children. In Arenys de Munt, cherries from Roca are slightly more acidic and preferred by many people for their strong skin and intense flavour. And what can we say about the strawberries from Maresme – the undisputed queen of red fruit? With cream, orange juice or sugar and sweet wine, they are a real delight for the senses.

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