The magic mountain

If you’re looking for somewhere with beautiful mountain scenery near Barcelona, look no further than the amazing Montseny Natural Park. Listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and located on the Costa Barcelona, this massif has been a hiking school for many Catalans, a place where plenty of hikers have donned a backpack for the first time. However, as well as being an area where you can go on long hikes or short walks, Montseny offers an endless list of fun options.

To begin to discover the Montseny Natural Park, your best bet is to visit one of its information points or centres and request all the information that might be of interest to you. If you’re a photography buff, for example, you can find out the best places to capture the beauty of its forests, which change with the seasons, or the perfect spot for observing Turó de l’Home, the park’s highest peak.

If the local flora and fauna of Montseny are more up your street, you’re sure to enjoy one of the discovery excursions organised in the natural park, aimed at showing participants its many treasures. These activity days attract a wide variety of visitors, so bring the kids along so they can have fun identifying trees, watching animals and learning how to detect footprints and tracks. They’ll also have a great time at the Montseny Space in Viladrau, where you can go on a tour of the imaginary and magical world of the massif, listening to legends of bandits and the water women who hide in the natural pools.

Gastronomy is another major attraction of the natural park, which boasts a good range of restaurants where you can sample the extraordinary Montseny cuisine after you’ve worked up an appetite. The autumn is a very special time of year, when tables are filled with dishes made from wild mushrooms, wild boar, chestnuts and berries of the strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo). Spring is also a good time to enjoy a meal in one of the many inns located in the towns of Montseny, serving delicious cheeses and the best lamb in the region.

  • Have you heard of the "Experience the Park" programme? It’s an initiative of the Natural Parks Network of Barcelona Provincial Council comprising activities related to art, the performing arts, music and literature in the heart of nature. Check out the what’s on schedule on its website!
  • During your visit or stay in this natural area, please act respectfully and with care. Enjoy natural parks with respect.

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