The Miravinya route: lookout points of the wine-growing landscape

La Cadira (The Chair), La Bardera (named after a nearby ancient farmhouse), El Circell (The Tendril), Sant Pau (Saint Paul) and Balcó del Penedès (Balcony of the Penedès) are the names of the five lookout points that form part of the Miravinya route. This route, designed to be travelled by car, is a fantastic way to discover a good part of the geography of the Alt Penedès region, along with its culture and history. In addition to vineyards, you can also explore mediaeval castles, paper mills, chapels, monasteries, towns and villages, and natural areas of great interest.

You can start wherever you like but for the purpose of this guide our departure point is Sant Quintí de Mediona. The first lookout point we come to is La Cadira (The Chair), in Torrelavit, at the top of a small hill that offers a spectacular 360-degree panoramic view. As the name suggests, there’s a chair at this lookout point so have a sit down and listen to the sounds of the region. On the way to the next lookout point, Miravinya La Bardera, you’ll pass by heritage landmarks such as the paper mills of the Bitlles River and the Chapel of Sant Benet d’Espiells. Further on, you can stop off to explore the summer houses of Gelida and the wonderful old town of Torre-ramona. Finally we come to La Bardera, located right next to the 14th-century farmhouse after which it’s named, one of the most ancient in Subirats. From here you can enjoy a fascinating view of the surrounding farmland, predominantly vineyards.

In the outskirts of Avinyonet del Penedès you’ll find the third lookout point, Miravinya El Circell (The Tendril). Once again we can enjoy a panoramic view which, in addition to vineyards, takes in olive trees and the well-known Ordal peach trees. This landscape has probably remained unchanged for the last 2,000 years! The mediaeval Monastery of Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs, located close by, was founded with the intention of making it the great abbey of the Penedès region.

The next lookout point, Miravinya Sant Pau, is situated in the municipal district of Vilafranca del Penedès, capital of the region. From here you can enjoy a picture postcard view of the wine capital. After making your way down from this lookout point, there’s only one left to climb up to. However, instead of heading straight there, you can take a small detour and visit the Penyafort Castle and Convent, a superb heritage site which now houses the information centre of the Foix Natural Park. It’s also worth exploring Castellet i la Gornal, with an interesting old quarter and wonderful views of the Foix Reservoir.

Like all good things, our adventure must come to an end and we now reach the final lookout point, Miravinya Balcó del Penedès (Balcony of the Penedès), which as its name indicates is a balcony overlooking the entire county with a wonderful navy blue backdrop. If you have any time left over, we strongly recommend heading to the Sanctuary of Mare de Déu de Foix (dating back to at least the year 608) and to Els Talls Park, home to 36 families of different birds.

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