Forget about work. Get away from it. And relax! Over a hundred thousand hectares of protected areas wait for you within close reach of the city of Barcelona. Discover the perfect setting to reconnect with nature!

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Travelling with Rover, Bella, Max, Sasha, Charlie, Trixie, or whatever your pet is called, is becoming easier and easier. If you’ve got a pet, when it comes to planning a holiday or weekend mini-break, you’ll have almost certainly asked yourself, “What shall we do with her?” And maybe you’ve followed that question up with another one, “Shall we take her with us?” If you’d like to enjoy a break without leaving your cat or dog with strangers, in the regions of Barcelona you’re in luck because every year there are more and more pet-friendly establishments.

<p>Walden 7, a famous landmark in Sant Just Desvern</p>

Given the growing concern about environmental issues and climate change, more and more people prefer to travel without polluting at all or as little as possible. Proponents of sustainable tourism try to avoid using cars, buses, planes and cruise ships, and when they can choose between different means of transport they choose the one with the smallest carbon footprint. Are you one of them? 

<p>A walk in the woods</p>

Lots of people dream of a holiday in the countryside, staying in the heart of nature, trying typical dishes, discovering traditional trades and experiencing village life. Are you one of them? Keep reading! You’ll find a selection of suggestions for enjoying sustainable rural tourism in the regions of Barcelona.

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