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<p>More than 30 Blue Flag beaches on the Costa Barcelona</p>

With 100 kilometres of beaches on the Costa Barcelona, choosing one is no easy task. Where to go to enjoy some sun and sea? One factor that may help you decide is knowing which beaches hold the Blue Flag seal of quality. Well, in 2021, the blue flag is flying at 31 beaches along our coastline. Problem solved!

<p>R1 Line of Renfe Rodalies de Catalunya (commuter rail service) </p>

You're sure to have a long list of tourist attractions you want to visit in Barcelona, but it's the summertime and what you really feel like doing is going to the beach, spreading your towel on the sand and relaxing for a few hours next to the sea... Would that be too much to ask for? Of course not! Explore the beaches of Costa Barcelona by train; your wish will come true in no time.

<p>More than 350 species of birds visit the delta every year</p>

At sunrise and sunset, especially in the spring and autumn, the skies of the sixteen natural parks and reserves of the regions of Barcelona are filled with birds in agile flight. Located in the heart of this set of ideal landscapes for bird watching, the Llobregat Delta is the star attraction of the area. A true birding paradise awaits you, much closer than you might think!

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